Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Youth Conference

Well, I know I havent been on here for a LONG time, but this years youth conference was good enough that it needs to be written about. First off, It was our stake and Cape Girardeaus stake, so there were ALOT of people. The them was "Mormon Trail to Success... I Will Be Ready! We arrived there early Friday morning, and played some games, and just hung out and mingled. Then the youth council put on a little skit that was about PDA and proper way to ask girls to dance, etc. It was really funny. After we ate lunch, we did our service project. We made blankets, pillows, hygiene kits, and coloring books, for kids in the hospital, etc. It was really enjoyable. So after everybody was done, we went skating. And let me tell you, I haven't sweated that much for a long time. It was hot and stinky, but super fun. Everyone had a blast, and no one felt out of place about the sweating problems because everyone ws sweaty. After about 2 hours, we went back to the Stake building. We had a speaker, Brother Binion, who was an excellent speaker. He involves everybody and makes them feel like he is speaking to JUST you. But he talked about us being "the light of the world." At one point, he had his wife come up and she sang As Sisters in Zion/ Army of Helamen. Then all the youth sang together, and the spirit was SO strong. I almost started crying, along with plenty others. The dance was next. I wasnt really in the mood to dance, but I did to a few fast songs.It was okay. We had to stay at members houses and I was fortunate to stay at Brother and Sister Stroud. They are the kindest, nicest, giving family I have ever met. They also have a very fun, nice house with 6 acres, a lake, treehouse, pool, and a hot tub! :) They were very kind to us.
The next day was sunday dress (not my favorite). We had a morning devotional and the speaker said something I will never forget. He said, " When people tell you that the world revolves around you, dont think they are being sarcastic, because they are actually telling you the truth. We came to Earth at this time for a reason, to prepare for the Lord Jesus Christ to reign on Earth." I just thought that was really cool. lol:) We had some workshops throughout the day. The themes were, Music, Dance, Temples, Dating, College Prep, and giving a talk on Sunday. My favorite was the Temple one. The spirit was really strong in the room. In the late afternoon we had our testimony meeting. There were a lot of youth who went up there and bore there testimony. It was really great! Then we had a dinner and dance. It was only like an hour and a half total. It was really short. I danced some swing dances, and some fast songs. Then a danced with a boy named Zack, and a boy named Adam. It was really nice. But it ended really soon. I was glad I was able to go, because I wasnt able to go to EFY or girls camp this year. So it was a nice spiritual experience. I loved Youth Conference! WOO HOO!!!!!